More About Us…

The Name

There used to be a small town named Monroe near Altavista, Virginia. We say “used to be” because it disappeared during the construction and filling of Smith Mountain Lake.  The little town was flooded and sunk deep below the surface of the water.

The Players

With inspirations from bluegrass to folk, gospel to classical, each member of the band brings their own special flavor into the songs and music they have been performing since 2013.  From traditional Bluegrass standards that will get you moving to tender ballads that will touch your heart, Sinking Monroe will bring to you a high-energy, fast-paced and enjoyable ride for any occasion.
Leading the band is Kim Wood.  Kim is an accomplished instrumentalist who has been performing for audiences from the tender age of 8.  Though she’s mastered many instruments over the years, Kim finds herself gravitating back to playing her first love, a 5 string banjo. Coupled with her soaring vocals, she finds herself as the cornerstone of the group.  Steeped in a deep bluegrass background, Kim can lead you in the old standards with her own special flair or shift into a hard driving take on today’s new music.
A recent and very welcomed addition to the group is Heather Southard.  Heather brings a lifetime of talent and experience to Sinking Monroe with a classical background on the violin.  When she draws her bow across the strings of her 200 year old instrument, you will immediately become enchanted by the notes that she plays. A ballad lead by Heather will surely touch your heart.  She has also started to stretch her vocal talents by joining the other members in building strong 4 part harmonies.
Holding down the rhythm guitar and shared lead vocal role in the group is Brian Barlow.  Coming to music later in life, Brian is an example of teaching old dogs new tricks.  His rhythm guitar helps to create the foundation that the other members have come to rely on.  Singing in church at an early age has helped build him into the singer he is today.  From traditional to contemporary songs, his vocals will make your heart soar.
Every good group needs a backbone, and Sinking Monroe’s is the bass-playing of Andy Postel.  Andy is an accomplished musician on multiple instruments, even having performed at Carnegie Hall in New York.  Whether he is playing a Tuba in a Brass Band or finding his stride on the bass in Sinking Monroe, he puts all his energy into holding the group together (and sometimes we really need ALL of his energy).  Like Heather, he is constantly surprising everyone by stretching his newly discovered vocal talents.  Singing bass lines or playing them – Andy can do it all.